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Melbourne FC Top Chants (Page 3) Football Chants

Football club playing in the AFL, Australia

14616 Put Your Hands Up I love this city...
15107 F off Fremantle Sung at Freo fans when they lose
15387 Sing North Stand Another for when they go quiet
15836 Queens Birthday Match Song (Win for the Queen) Sing to God Save the Queen
17267 Nick Maxwell Is Illegitamite Good description of the magpies captain
17275 Melbourne Victory Melbourne Rivalry
17881 Stand Up for Bate Stand up for Batey
18240 Sh*t Club, No History Works with any club name at the end if sung properly
19221 Field at Jolimont Classic tribute to the late legends
19387 Collingwood Slums Those were the days
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19659 We're the Jolimont Crew Jolimont Crew Song
20641 Sos Cagon Yarraside
21238 Liam Jurrah, Jurrah! Sung to que sera sera. A chant for jumping liam jurrah
21276 Melbourne Army! Let the opps know we're here
21733 Stick the Blues Flag Tell em where to stick it
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