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Perth Glory Top Chants Football Chants

2742 When I Was a Young Boy (Ed: Great song, hats off! Great ringtone for your phone too. Get it on our Android and iOS apps) Playlist
4962 Everywhere We Go A glory favourite
6022 We Hate Sydney Fc Hate them all
6103 We Shall Not Be Moved class
6686 In Your Melbourne Slums Funny one from the Shed
7262 Sand in Your P*ssy sung when a player's acting on the floor
8408 Eugene Dadi - He's Got a Pineapple Tune: Hes got the whole world in his hands. One for Eugene Dadi
11117 Walking in a Glory Wonderland Only one Perth Glory
11637 George's Boat One brought over from Greece
12169 Let's All Have a Disco funny football song
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12628 Glory Glory Perthy A great chant
12688 My Old Man having a go
13215 Melbourne 'Tard Tune: You are my sunshine
17079 We Are the Glory Tune: Waltzing Matilda
17643 Hey Glory sung regularly
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