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3293 Melbourne FC Grand Old Flag The MFC Club Song Playlist
6991 Melbourne FC We Won It 12 Times Sung to teams with less than 12 flags
7415 Melbourne FC Sing Up Magpies When the game gets dull and quiet
8435 Melbourne FC We Are the Mfc Just lettin' the others know who we are
8929 Melbourne FC Everywhere We Go They just wanna know...
9183 West Coast Eagles R a J a and S An All Time Classic.
10678 Hawthorn FC Hawthorn Football Club (Theme Song) Sung by players and fan's after a win.
10859 Sydney Swans We Are Sydney Super Sydney
14616 Melbourne FC Put Your Hands Up I love this city...
14827 St. Kilda FC Top of the League and We're 'Avin' a Laff 1st
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16133 Sydney Swans You Are My Sydney Love the Cove
19221 Melbourne FC Field at Jolimont Classic tribute to the late legends
19659 Melbourne FC We're the Jolimont Crew Jolimont Crew Song
20641 Melbourne FC Sos Cagon Yarraside
21380 Port Adelaide FC Port Adelaide FC An old classic football song, sang by many clubs
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