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Melbourne FC 'avin a go football songs

Football club playing in the AFL, Australia

6567 No History And they know it to Playlist
16637 Sing North Stand Another for when they go quiet
16640 Collingwood Most Hated in the League If they sing sinking to us we sing back
17075 Kick It Goalpost (Aaron Sandilands) Taunting Aaron Sandilands the loping goalpost
17190 Holding the Ball Takin the piss when the opps appeal for nothin
17778 F*Ck off Back to Victoria Park Tellin the maggies to get out of our home and where to go
18981 Melbourne Victory Melbourne Rivalry
19396 Shove It Up Your Arse Collingwood When we beat Collingwood
20112 Collingwood Slums Those were the days
20453 F off Fremantle Sung at Freo fans when they lose
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21198 Stick the Blues Flag Tell em where to stick it
21369 Nick Maxwell Is Illegitamite Good description of the magpies captain
21626 Top of the League? Sung at teams at the start of the season.. it doesnt matter if you're first after 3 matches
21767 Sh*t Club, No History Works with any club name at the end if sung properly
21826 No-One Likes You Mostly to Collingwood and Hawthorn
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