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FanChants A-League FC Index 'avin a go football songs

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2458 Melbourne Victory F*ck off Sydney Have a go at the swannies Playlist
2656 Melbourne Victory You're Not Singing Anymore when the opps go quiet Playlist
2742 Melbourne Victory Sydney Yoy Yoy Yoy A chant for the scum of the planet Playlist
2929 Western Sydney Wanderers Melbourne Boys Are Now Number 2 Melbourne Boys Diss Chant Playlist
3312 Western Sydney Wanderers This Is the Best Trip A song issuing a challenge to the opposing teams' active support to try and sing louder than the RBB. This is also our favourite chant against arch rivals Sydney FC Playlist
3753 Melbourne Victory Come on Melbourne Chant for the opps Playlist
3998 Western Sydney Wanderers There's a Chance You're My Son Dissing Melbourne Victory losers Playlist
5693 Brisbane Roar We Hate Victoria! A parody of the Seekers song "I am, you are - we are Australians". Having a dig at both the Melbourne teams Playlist
6548 Brisbane Roar One Man Went to Lift Clive Palmer Fatty Clive Palmer
6572 Brisbane Roar Wings of an Eagle Coasties Playlist
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7026 Gold Coast United Townsville Inbreds Reminding them of their families
7172 Central Coast Mariners You're Not Going to Asia Sung at Newcastle because we're going the to AFC Champions League and they aren't (sung in tune of We're not gonna take it)
7338 Brisbane Roar Carry On We hate you all (Ed: nice:) )
8616 Central Coast Mariners Your a Bogan A chant sung to our rivals Newcastle (in tune of You Are My Sunshine)
9406 Newcastle Jets Muscat Bus Chant about Melbourne Victory captain Kevin Muscat. To the tune of "Bingo Bus is coming"
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