micky_t_15's football chants

Total 28 St. Kilda FC football chants submitted by micky_t_15

16435 Ohhh St Kilda!... Carlton full of sh*t
16630 Oh When the Saints, MARCHING IN
16853 Kosi! OI
18137 Super Dal DAL SANTO!
18158 Top of the League and We're 'Avin' a Laff 1st
18347 Blowing Bubbles BUBBLES
18576 Love the Saints STAND UP
18802 Carefree Carefree
18818 Schneiderman (Adam Schneider) i want to be
19232 Nick Riewoldt We Love You EVERYONE SINGS
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19802 He Is a Winmar and He Is Supreme Nick Winmar
19934 Shove Your History Up Your A*se and to others that live off their history
20121 Whos That Team We Adore the saints
20530 F**K Em All F**K em!
20546 You've Only Got One Song! mostly towards the clubs with no support
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